Le customer relationship management chez unilever (anglais)

2001 mots 9 pages
CRM individual project

Unilever case study:

Improving internal reactivity to meet customer’s needs

Table of Contents

Title Page p.1

Table of Contents p.2

Company Profile p.3

Situation: What was the specific need for CRM ? p.4

Solution: PPE/Octavius a combined solution to improve information transfer p.5

Objectives: What were the goals of the CRM strategy ? p.6

Implementation: What was the corporate –wide implementation process? p.7

Key Benefits: What were the results of this new business solution? p.8

Future: Expectation for the future p.9

References p.11

Appendix p.11 Compagny Profile Unilever is one of the most important manufacturers in France for Home and personal Care (with P&G and Henkel). The company manages brands for house up keeping and laundry products (Cif, Domestos, Omo, Skip, Persil, Cajoline) and for body and hair care (Dove, Sunsilk, Timotei, Axe, Rexona, Signal)
As all manufacturers in France, their customers are essentially in-home distributors (Hyper-Supermarkets & convenient stores). Unilever products are distributed on French market since the 50’s. Thus, the mass distribution network is totally covered. The main point is not to acquire new customers (except the new e-channel distributors) but to satisfy the already existing customer’s demand as the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market is highly competitive.

The case study will be focused on HPC products (Home and Personal Care) in mass retailing stores (most important customers). As for some HPC brand until 50% of their turnover can be based on promotional operations, we will illustrate the importance and problems in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the promotional operation context. This kind of operation requires indeed the manufacturer to satisfy the customer totally because if it is not the case, the latter could refuse the next promotional suggestions

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