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McDonald’s Strategic Drift….. McDonald’s Strategic Drift

2002: McDonald’s, one of the the biggest global brands    experienced its first quarterly loss since 1965… Sales were falling & hundreds of under‐performing  restaurants were closed…

Trends that were impacting on the previously insurmountable  McDonald’s included: A new breed of ‘quick casual’ restaurants offering many A new breedof ‘quick casual’ restaurants offering many ‘healthier options’…  The backlash against the ‘super‐size’ image which was being projected towards McDonald’s through the media towards McDonald s through the media…

McDonald’s product life cycle
In terms of the product life cycle, quick service restaurants had reached maturity in many markets and needed fresh life through innovative ideas toprolong their lifespan. Incredibly, McDonald’s had failed to take full account of y such changes in the market place and accordingly experienced a Strategic Drift…
Consumers were seeking more food variety & healthier eating… Accordingly, Accordingly in seeking to provide a more balanced offering offering, McDonaldʹs developed new products including: f fruit, , salads, sugar‐free fruit drinks forchildren and, more chicken chicken.

McDonald’s Strategic Drift….. g
McDonaldʹs had built its success around a formula of :
• providing a range of standardised high quality products, • quckly and cheaply… however… • Whilst for many people there is increasingly an emphasis on Whilst, for many people there is increasingly an emphasis on

instant service…,  …research indicatedthat modern consumers of all ages  were seeking experiences that are more individualised than  were seeking experiences that are more individualised than in the past…

Consumer Trends – indicated:
People moving away from burgers and fries… towards ʹhealthy optionʹ meals such as sandwiches and salads. y p Organic food rising in importance and forecast to account for 20% of all supermarket food purchases by 2010.Chicken increasing in importance, as white meat is perceived as i e i ea i g i i po a e, a i e ea i pe ei e a healthier and safer than red meat.  Traditional breakfast and lunch mealtimes becoming less significant & arrangements for the main meal of the day being increasingly flexible to accommodate changing consumer lifestyles… g gp p pp g Rising incomes allowing people more opportunities to turneating out into a ‘more individualised experience’ rather than a routine ʹquick fixʹ.

the company was forced to respond: p y p Sales were boosted in US by new main‐course salads & breakfast sandwiches, sandwiches the company began attempts to turn McDonald’s into a ‘lifestyle brand’ such as Apple or Nike through,  b d’ h A l Nik h h p • better products  • better marketing  • better restaurants… …the company accordingly revised its growth targets… Previous growth targets of 10‐15% per annum resulted on a focus  on opening new restaurants – thus service in existing  restaurants was being neglected… t t b i l t d New growth targets were set from 2005 of just 3‐5% p.a. with just  New growth targets were set from 2005 of just 3‐5% p a with just 2% coming from new restaurants.A greater focus on quality, cleanliness and service was A greater focus on quality cleanliness and service was implemented making it easier to weed out under‐performing  franchises…

In addition to the ‘healthier options’ on their menus… oM D McDonald’s also i t d d the new global advertising campaign, ld’ l introduced th l b l d ti i i featuring the new slogan…, ‘I’m Lovin’ It’, o the first time that McDonald’sadvertisements in 118 operating countries had used the same slogan… g

“I’m lovin’ it TM”
• The “I’m lovin’ it  TM” campaign,  campaign featuring Justin  Timberlake and  Timberlake and pro‐skater Tony  Hawk, was part of  , p McDonald’s  revitalized global  marketing  k i strategy…

TM” “I’m lovin’ it  “I’ l i ’ i
• The campaign features a variety of integrated  e ca paig ea u es a...
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