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1) When and where did you have your work experience?

My first work experience occurred from the 16th of November to the 18th of December 2009, and the second one from the 15th of March to the 2nd of April 2010, in Saint-Marc-Sur-Seine.

2) Were you helped to find your placement?

No, I did it alone,but I personally knew the boss, so it was very easy to find it.

3) How long did your work experience last?

The first one was five weeks long and the second one had last three weeks.

4) What was your general impression of the place?

My first impression was an impression of good agreement with the boss and with the worker too, and I also find that the methods they used towork were quite interesting. The place is finely located, in the countryside, what gives us a soothing view.
Moreover, the agreement with the customers is easy and interesting too, due to the friendship and to the trust the boss has with them.


5) How many employees has it got?

The firm mades up with on employee, who do everything, and also with an accountant,the boss’s wife.

6) Is it a new or an old one? When was it created?

It is an old firm, it has been created in 1968 by the actual boss’s father.

7) What are its main activities?

Its main activities are the buildings of windows, doors, shutters, and of floorboards.


8) What time did you start and finish work?

The timetable isfixed. I started the work at 8am, and finished the morning at midday, I had an hour and a half to have lunch, and I started again at 1h30pm and finished the afternoon at 5h30pm. But it happened on several times to go over the timetable when we were away.

9) What means of transport did you use to go to work and back home?

I used my scooter to go to work and back home, I had no otherpossibilities.

10) Where and with whom did you have lunch?

I came back to my grandparents to have lunch, at twelve kilometres of the firm.


11) What were your feelings the first morning?

My feelings the first morning were, in a first time, pleasure to wake to go to work, and in a second time, a pleasant impression that the worker was verynice, because he explained me all his ideas, all of what he was going to do each days of the week. He was a nice man.

12) What did you do during your work experience?

During my work experience, I paid attention to all of what the worker did, to learn how to do it, how to do construction works.
I also did construction works at the workshop, and I helped the boss to give piece ofadvice on projects, by talking about it with customers.

13) Did you meet any difficulties? Why? How did you solve them?

Yes, I met some difficulties and that was very enriching, because I had to fond solutions to solve them, what permit me to learn easily, and now, I know how to do things that I considered very hard to do before my work experience.
To solve these problems, I asked tothe boss and to the worker to help me, to explain to me, to give me piece of advice.

14) What was your best experience at work? And your worst?

I don’t have any specific best experience, because I have enjoyed my work experience in full, all of what I did, all of what I have learnt.
But, the worst thing was the few last days when I worked in the workshop, because I couldn’t bear theworker any more, it’s quite difficult to stay with him at the end.


15) What have you learnt from your work experience?

I have learnt to be responsible, to organise my work, and to have a better idea what is the sense of time.
And, of course, I have learnt how to build beautiful construction works, how it is possible to find solutions when I encountered problems,...
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