Negociation anglais

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1° -Introduce the firm in which you work as a sales representative.

The name of the firm isparistic and She send a Vinyl stickers.
She creates stickers for firms as logos, motives for decoration, and banners for advertising.
( To Shop window,events or reception)

2° - Introduce the prospect, his needs. How did you get in contact with him?

The prospect is the manager of the firmcitifloral, (a Florist family) from New York.
Citifloral is situated on the Upper east side (Chic district).
I contact you by phone.

3° The product
Thedifferent kinds of products available, for what use.
the price, for what quantity
the packaging
what support for the presentation of the product(catalogue, slideshow...)
what guarantee
is the product available, if not what is the waiting time(=délai)to get this product

-Products are customized.So, about the price, It depends on the quantity your order and the design of product.

-The designer of paristic can to realize models according to theidea of the prospect.

-Deliverytime of an order is approximately two weeks. (It depends of the order)

4°The means of transport : only one or arethere different choices.Why, does it affect the price?

By plane, the most quick.

5° The payment terms , the currency (advantages drawbacks)(USD) Swift, it’s a good means of payments.

6° Find at least 2 points to negotiate apart from the price

-Quality of product
-The choice of design
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