Playing violent video games make people become violent

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Playing violent video games make people become violent | Playing video games don’t make people become violent |
confuse real life with a game (in addition that games become even morerealistic with time) | video games can be a catharsis for the players |
Normalize the violence | allow to evacuate anger, stress… |
children are easily influenced | It’s just anentertainment |
Players are exposed a lot to violence | used as a scapegoat |
violence engender violence | know make difference between video games and reality |
trainedemotionally to the act of murder | |
games become an addiction and the players loose his sense of reality | |

Solutions?  talk about the interdiction to sell violent video games undera certain age.

There are a rated system which ensure the entertainment content and provide to sell violent video games under a certain age. This rated system is indicated on the games with labels(montrer transparent). These labels are particularly for parents, they help them to decide whether or not buy the video game.
In Europe, the rating system is called The Pan-European Game Information.It was in two thousand three that this campaign has been launched and its now used in the all countries.
A lot of salesperson dont pay attention to the rated system, so the children can buy whatthey want.


In conclusion, video games can be dangerous, but only in certain case and we think that we don’t have to condemn them. It can be dangerous for an excessive players who’sjust stick to the computer and loose his sense of reality. Otherwise, we think that it’s good to control who buy this games and to make a low on this, but store have to respect the limited age.
Then,it’s parents role to control what their children are playing, and it’s true that this kind of game are not for children, ‘cause they don’t have their critical sense totally developed and they have a...
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