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25 Electricity-Saving Tips Calling all kids! We’ve got you covered with the ultimate ways to save electricity and the environment – all while helping your parents save money! Do your part byfollowing these smart ideas:

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Lights out! Turn off the lights when you leave a room – even if you’ll be back in a fewminutes.


Hold off on the air conditioner (AC) Try using a fan to cool things off. It uses a lot less electricity. How refreshing!


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Give your rubber ducky the slip and take a quickshower instead of a bath. A five-minute shower with an energy-efficient showerhead will use about half as much hot water as a bath. Splash!

Keep your cool! If you can’t beat the heat and need toswitch on the AC, be sure to keep doors and windows closed while it’ on. s

Light up your life – or at least your room! – by using natural daylight whenever possible. It’ a s free way to light upyour space!


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25 Electricity-Saving Tips

Be a ghost buster! Phantom power or “standby power” is electricity that’ consumed byelectronic devices even s when they’re turned off. So plug your gadgets – like TVs, computers, game consoles and chargers (MP3 players, cell phones, cameras etc.) into a power bar with a timer. Set it to shutthem off at the end of the day. Some even shut-off automatically. So long, phantoms!


Got the munchies? Think about what you want before you open the fridge door. Keeping the fridge door wideopen as you search for a snack is a big waste of electricity. When it’ time for a s snack, use a microwave or toaster oven to prepare your chow instead of using the oven. You’ll reduce yourelectricity use by 50% or more!


Stop and think before you move on to the next electronic gadget. Turn off TVs, stereos and video games when you’re finished using them.



Don’t put your...
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