The fifth child: harriet and david's meeting

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I. Harriet & David’s meeting. P.7-11

1. « Harriet and David met each other.....David was an architect. »
2. « These two eccentrics…..They were made for each other. »

1. This is the beginningof the story, the presentation of both Harriet and David. The scene takes place during an end-of-year party between colleagues.
- 200 people at the party, in a small boardroom now transformed into aparty room. It was noisy, the place was crowded and everyone was trying to get the attention on themselves.
- Focus on the 2 main characters, their relationship with other people: They were rejectedbecause old-fashioned (Harriet still virgin) and weren’t living like the others in the 60’s (emancipation, liberty, sex is not a taboo any more…) they are stuck in the past.
- The global scene: Peopleat the party as if they were described by H & D.
- Then, focus on H & D, discovering each other’s face & global appearance. Both have the same way of thinking é are both rejected. H: strong &healthy woman, blue eyes, unfashionable curly dark hair. Works in the sales department of a firm that designed & supplied building materials. D: not very strong, not solidly planted, looking younger than hewas. Working as an architect.
This is the first presentation of the characters & their first meeting. The reader can build a first impression of H & D and have a global idea of their socialsituation.

2. Here is the real beginning of their common life, their first approach to each other. They talk to each other for the 1st time & get on very well.
- H & D are still at the party, coming toeach other, fighting their way through the crowd, at exactly the same time.
- They look for a more quiet place, find an office, sit on a sofa & talk until the end of the party. Then, they go to D’sflat & spend the night together, but without making love.
- Very soon, H moves into his flat & they don’t want to waste more time: they decided to marry in the spring.
- First, the focus is on the 2...
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