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The empirical frame work in this thesis research will be drawn against the back ground of the reviews within the conceptual and theoretical frame works. This is aimed at coming up with findings and conclusions for this research. As earlier indicated in the methodology section, this thesis will build its empirical reasoning around secondary sources of information and reviewed literature that will thoroughly be discussed later as this research continues to take its course.

Data and information at my disposal comes from a couple of case studies that have been studied by other researchers in their own different contexts. By applying the same research design to every case, the research analysis will lead to the findings which will therefore show a deeper understanding of the issue at hand, hence putting them into a context to show, as well as throw some light upon the research issue at hand.

5.1. The guiding cases to the research

This research will be based upon two particular merger cases that represent the core values of change and leadership

1. The HP( Hewlett Packard) - Compaq Merger case

2. The Volvo - Renault case ( failed merger)

The above cases were carefully chosen due to the fact that they will help to bridge the gap between the selected theoretical frame of references and the results/ findings. Basing upon the concepts/models with in the conceptual frame, the analysis would in the end lead to answering the research issue.

5.1.1. Hewlett Packard and Compaq Merger Case HP´s history and the merger developments

The HP and Compaq is certainly one of the most talked about cases in the history of mergers and acquisitions. This is due to the unprecedented chaos that marred the proceedings and road map towards the completion of the merger that has even made scholars like my self to grow a lot of interest, in getting to know what happened during this

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