J.m. weston and the graphic line - communication and advertising

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Launching of the Graphic Line


The J.M. Weston seller, major actor of the success of the brand

Major actor of the J.M. Weston universe, ambassador of the brand for the buyers, his role is to develop the numbers of clients through his formation.

J.M. Weston selling, a bespoke act

The J.M. Weston seller knows everything about shoes, from the sole to the upper. He knows how to give advices to all clients, considering his knowledge about lasts of shoes and feet.

He knows how to put shoes on, as well as promoting his product.

But he must also perfectly manage relation with customers of experts defecated in the manifold motivations of purchase.

The adviser of sale J.M. Weston promotes his advice according to the sales talk appropriated to every customer. He fits to his interlocutor and communicates with appropriate words.

The “good” and the “bad” turnover

The good turnover is constituted by the purchases the customers of which are satisfied in length.
Every satisfied customer becomes an active ambassador of the brand.

The bad turnover that is acquired to the detriment of the customer.

Every disappointed customer, in his relation with the adviser of sale or by the unsuitability of the product, risks becoming a detractor of the brand.

It is better to disadvise a purchase officially, that to serve badly a customer.

Develop potential continuously …

Every customer represents a potential of important turnover, in every visit, and on the group of these.

The objective of the adviser of sale is to sell always more, respecting his customer.

It promotes collections to accomplish the turnover of day, but also prepare that of tomorrow


Title 1: Precise topic

1.1 Why this topic 1.2 Importance of the topic 1.3 Presentation of the study

Title2: Brand study

2.1 History of J.M. Weston 2.2 Implementation 2.3 Positioning 2.4 Strategy 2.5 The existing collection

Title 3: Competitors

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