Gatsby le magnifique


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F. Scott Gitzgerald

1. To whom does Huck entrust his fortune when Pap arrives?

a) Tom Sawyer

b) Aunt Polly

c) The Widow

d) Judge Thatcher

2. What prompts Pap to finally steal Huck away?

a) Huck sasses him one too many times

b) The Widow offends his sense of paternity

c) He is lonely

d) He wants to tell Huck a secret

3. How does Huck escape Pap’s cabin?

a) He climbs the chimney

b) He goes out the window

c) He saws through the wall

d) He digs a tunnel

4. What trick does Tom play on Jim in the beginning of the novel?

a) Tom hangs Jim’s hat on a branch while Jim sleeps

b) Tom throws eggs at Jim

c) Tom pins a sign to Jim’s back

d) Tom chains Jim to a tree

5. Where does Huck first see Pap?

a) In his own room

b) At school

c) In court

d) In jail

6. How does Huck learn that Jim is wanted for Huck’s murder?

a) The newspaper

b) A fisherman on the river

c) Pap

d) A woman in town

7. What brings bad luck for Jim and Huck on Jackson Island?

a) Huck kills a spider

b) Jim breaks a mirror

c) Huck handles a snakeskin

d) Jim looks over his shoulder at the moon

8. What causes Jim and Huck to miss Cairo?

a) Their inattention

b) They both get drunk

c) They are given misinformation

d) Fog

9. Whose body does Jim find in the house on the river?

a) Judge Thatcher’s

b) Pap’s

c) The slave trader’s

d) Joe Harper’s

10. How does the king make money at the revival in town?

a) He says he is a pirate who has converted and is going back to the Indian Ocean to convert other pirates

b) He says his mother is sick and he needs money to help her

c) He tells people he has no home

d) He sells government bonds

11. What show do the duke and the king perform in Bricksville that makes them a lot of money?

a) A Passion Play

b) A medieval mystery play

c) The Royal Nonesuch

d) Macbeth

12. Who is the first man to suspect that the king and the duke are not the Wilks brothers?

a) Mary Jane

b) Dr. Robinson

c) The undertaker

d) The lawyer

13. Where does Huck hide the Wilks’ gold?

a) Under his bed

b) In the piano

c) In the attic

d) In the coffin

14. What does the king say is tattooed on Peter Wilks’ chest?

a) His initials

b) An arrow

c) A bible verse

d) A pistol

15. Who sells Jim back into slavery?

a) The king

b) Huck

c) Mary Jane

d) Dr. Robinson

16. Who does Aunt Sally think Huck is?

a) Sid Sawyer

b) Joe Harper

c) Tom Sawyer

d) Huck Finn

17. Who does Tom claim to be when he arrives at the farm?

a) Sid

b) Joe

c) Jim

d) Huck

18. Who gets shot during Jim’s escape?

a) Huck

b) Tom

c) Jim

d) Aunt Sally

19. Who praises Jim upon his return to the Phelps farm?

a) Huck

b) Tom

c) The doctor

d) Silas Phelps

20. Who wants to adopt Huck at the end of the novel?

a) Jim

b) Aunt Sally

c) Mary Jane

d) The duke

Answers: 1. d; 2. b; 3. c; 4. a; 5. a; 6. d; 7. c; 8. d; 9. b; 10. a; 11. c; 12. b; 13. d; 14. b; 15. a; 16. c; 17. a; 18. b; 19. c; 20. b

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