L’Ile des Gauchers


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Alexandre Jardin


Lennie is a simple character that remains stagnant and unchanged throughout the entire story. He does not undergo any significant development or growth as the story progresses and is a rather flat character. Lennie may be considered the least dynamic character in the story, even though he is one of the main characters. His defining characteristics are his enormous physical stature and immense strength, his love for stroking things that are soft, and his committed loyalty and devotion to George with their shared dream of owning a farm. These characteristics are repeated continually throughout the story. The sheer helplessness portrayed by Lennie results in the reader having sympathy for his character, knowing that Lennie must meet some tragic fate at the end of the story. Lennie cannot navigate the world alone, as he is innocent, naïve, and defenseless, which results in him being helpless in the face of unfolding events in the story. Lennie represents innocence, but he also represents hope, which is demonstrated in his enthusiasm for his dream of an idyllic future with George on their farm.

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