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As part of achieving this thesis, we want to thank all those who have directly or indirectly contributed to the drafting of this document:
* All the INOVA’s staff
* All theadministration of CEFIVE
And we apologize to everyone who helps us and we have unfortunately not mentioned. We express our sincere and profound gratitude to them.

I -Presentation of the host company 3
1. INOVA SI history 3
2. Activities of the structure 3
II - Presentation of the Project 4
1. Problematic 4
2. Objectives 5


The transition from manufacturing economy to a market economy has resulted in profound changes in business management. Indeed the performance of businesses no longer dependsentirely on factors such as product, market or location, but also knowledge of the habits and preferences of customers. In this context companies need to utilize and exploit efficiently the data already intheir possession. However, in most current systems, the data coming from various production bases are overabundant and are generally not organized into a decision context. It is therefore vital tocollect and homogenize them to make them relevant to decision-making. This need has led to the emergence of the business intelligence.
INOVA INFORMATION SYSTEMS, computer Services Company, which isthe indispensable partner companies, will not stay on the sidelines of the concept. Thus it has given priority control technology implementation and operation of business intelligence applications tooffer effective solutions to specific needs of its customers. For achieving this objective as the Technical Director of this structure, after having initiated a number of investigations into businessintelligence, told us the project whose theme is: "BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE APPLICATION.
To carry out the work entrusted to us, we will as a first step, introduce the theme. We will then propose a...