Human resources

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« Human Resources is Strategy » C.K. Prahalad

Reporting C.K. Prahalad’s vision, in this article, Thomas Starr gives prominence to several essential points which are putted in relation with HumanResources.
But foremost, to better understand who is C.K.P., he introduces him and his main works.
In this way, we can grasp that Prahalad places HR as the hard core of the enterprise within aglobal environment. Throughout his books, he develops a visionary conception of management integrating new ideas / notions as « core competency » or « fortune at the bottom of the pyramid ». In myopinion, the Prahalad’s conception of human resources seems to be uthopic, even if in some cases it turned out to be positive - for instance, in industrial or technological markets (Car industry, IT).In these examples, we reach to innovatives markets which need innovative management ! But, we can’t disregard the fact that human being is a complex subject. So, how can we define methods and metricsto something which stay unpredictable ?
More than human capital, I want to focus on his idea to « eradicate poverty throught profits ».
If I reember, I have learned that each country have his ownrate of growth. Considering, economy as a cycle, how a private firm, which its principal aim is to make profits, could help people to escape poverty ?
In our society, we note that some needs haveappeared to the detriment of other needs even vitals. So, it will be the same for LEDCs. In fact, nothing involves that a more opened choice of consumption, which will be directed by marketing allowsto improve their fate.
The solution could be in the decline of production costs and earnings of purchasing power. Because if we refer to the classic processus, it is the increase of the real incomewhich conditions the exit of the poverty. rather than to buy and consume, a more fertile approach consists in emphasizing the possibilities offered to the poor populations to produce and to sell.
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