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Exposé Anglais :

Chapitre 2 : Découverte de Wellington
Chapitre 3 : Présentation Christopher
Chapitre 5 : Rencontre avec Mrs. Shears
Chapitre 7 : Explication de l'écriture du " murder mystery novel "
Chapitre 11 : Rencontre avec la Police.

Christopher John Francis Boone is a fifteen year-old boy. He doesn't understand people feelings and behavior. One day he found a dog who was lying in the grass on the middle of the lawn in front of Mrs. Shears' house. It had a garden fork into it, its name was Wellington and it was Mrs. Shears' dog.
Christopher likes dogs. According to him, you always know what a dog is thinking because it has only four moods : happy, sad, cross and concentrating. Moreover a dog is faithful and contrary to humans, it doesn't tell lies because it can't talk. When Mrs. Shears discovered Christopher hugging her dog she yelled at him. Her shout scared Christopher : he doesn’t like people shouting at him as he doesn't know what is going to happen.
As Mrs. Shears began to scream again, Christopher panicked and put his hands over his ears and lay down with his head on the wet grass so that he would feel safer.
Then the police arrived. There were a policewoman and a policeman. Christopher likes the police, because they had numbers on their uniforms and he knows what they are going to do. He always observes in detail people and his environment. He likes to describe the people he meets : the policewoman had a little hole in her tights and the policeman had a big orange leaf stuck to the bottom of his shoe which was poking out from one side. I think that Christopher likes to look carefully to the people and to he scene where he is because it helps him to understand people behavior, plus, it makes him feel sure about him. The policeman began to ask lot of questions to Christopher, but he asked them too quickly, so Christopher feel dizzy because of all these information that were stacking up in

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