Kurt cobain

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Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was born on February 20, 1967 in Aberdeen, Washington. He was the son of Donald Cobain and Wendy Cobain. His father was an auto mechanic and his mother was a cocktail waitress. Cobain’s life changed at the age of seven when his parents divorced in 1975. His mother noted Kurt became increasingly difficult, anti-social and withdrawn after the divorce. He left living with his mother. At school, Kurt was throwing back because he didn’t like sports. Indeed he prefered music. He spoke little to the other pupils and was the object of teases. Donald Cobain obtained the guarding of his children in 1979. Kurt lived at his father’s house but after a lot of quarrels on his futur (he voluntarily failed a test to go into the Navy) he was thrown outside. Finally, he lived at his uncle’s house Chuck who gave him his first guitar. At sixteen years old, with a friend, he discovered the punk music and the hard-rock of the ‘70s. Thanks to his friend Buzz Osbourne, Kurt met Chris Novoselic. Kurt named his first band Fecal Matter. Some months later, he contacted Chris and they decided to constitute the band Nirvana. It is with Chris that Kurt began covering walls and cars of grafitis. “God is Gay” his slogan cost him many quarrels with the justice. In 1985, Kurt renounced at school just before the equivalent of the “Bac”. During this period, Kurt began to take drugs. For pay the rent, Kurt chained badly paid small jobs. In 1991, the band Nirvana became famous thanks to the record “Nevermind” and Kurt became an international rockstar. He was the idol of millions young people and he was the symbol of grunge. Because of this, Kurt was stressed and consumed heroin. Kurt met Courtney Love who was the guitarist and the singer of the band Hole. The 24 February 1992, at Hawaii Kurt married Courtney for better and most of all for worse. The 18 August Courtney gave birth at a little girl named Frances Bean. Because Kurt and Courtney took drugs, the baby was taken out at

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