Mystery shopper

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Make money as a mystery shopper
Some people think getting paid to shop is too good to be true… It’s possible if you become a mystery shopper.

What do they do?

Mystery shopping is used to measure employee performance and general service or product delivery. This service can test hotels, restaurants, health clubs, supermarkets…
The mystery shopper acts like any another client. They have specific tasks, for example, making a reservation, experiencing dinner, buying a product, asking questions at reception…
Then, they analyze the information and make a report. When the mystery shopper leaves, he usually announces who he is.

What happens next?
The companies use the report of the mystery shopper to make some improvements if necessary.
Also, the members of staff work better when they are supervised.
The mystery shopping service doesn’t just provide a detailed feedback on his experience but also solutions.

How to become a mystery shopper?
There are agencies, for example, Retail Eyes, MSPA (mystery shopping provider association) who engage mystery shoppers. If you want to become a mystery shopper you must be 16 years old of age or older.
Which qualities do you need to be a good mystery shopper?
You must be honest, objective and professional. You need to show commitment and have an excellent observational skill.
What happens once you become a mystery shopper?
When you register on the website of an agency of mystery shopping they ask you to complete a questionnaire about your interest and hobbies. They use this information to show you the assignment which you are most likely to be suited to. After your registration is approved, the agency contacts you by email. You can surf to your homepage and search, view and accept assignments which are available to you. After your assignment, your report must be completed within 24 hours after the visit.
Do you really get paid to shop?
YES! The agency asks you to complete an assignment at a specified store,

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