The function and authority of a manger

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Koontz and O’Donnell : the function and authority of the manager

This document written by Koontz and O’Donnell, explain what is the management in generals terms. Thus, we learn that the managertake an important place in the enterprise. Indeed, the manager fixes objectives and should create good conditions of work in order to be efficient and to realise them.

First the authors speak aboutthe classification of managerial functions, which are planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. They said that they are not always true, because it’s impossible to separate the managerin several functions; he deals simultaneous with many functions. All we can say, it’s that the manager needs to use a network. Although this classification isn’t correct, she can be helpful, so we’regoing to see essential elements of these functions.
The first is planning; that’s mean that the manager is fixing new objectives and decides how he can realise them. It’s important to doesn’tseparate planning and performance, because managers needs to plan (formal or informal) and execute them efficiently.
Then come organizing; indeed the manager should structure men in the enterprise(delegation of authority, assignment of such groups of activities) in order to accomplish his objectives.
The next function is staffing, which involves to chose the person, with the good skill, for the goodjob.
Directing is another managerial characteristic. The manager has a role of guide for his subordinates and his role is to help them to love their society. Thus they will be more efficient torealise the objectives.
Last but not least, there is controlling, it’s mean that the manager should verify that everybody work in order to accomplish the plans. If it is not case, the manager correctsthat. And it’s important to understand that that’s not activities, which are controlling but men.

The manager needs to coordinate all this functions in order to concentrate all efforts towards the...
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