What is management

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What is a manager?
As future managers, we have to know the real roles and characteristics of a successful manager who can achieve the objectives set by a strategy without forgetting about the human side of people that he leads.
First, everyone is manager :
“Housewives control their home’s budgets and the well-being of her family”
“Students manage their time to reviseall the subjects”
*“Governments manage a hole* community by trying to satisfy their vital needs and by developing the country’s economies and infrastructure”
The innate skills such as the capacity of having a long vision and to work in teams.
*The fact of studying management to have the technical tools to manage efficiently :* as management include also the use of mathematics.
Letsdetail those important management aspects to improve it in the future.
What is a management ?
Before answering this question, we have to know first what is management.
Management is the art of conducting and directing, or according to the Latin Manu agree is to lead by the hand. It characterizes the process of leading and directing all or part of an organization, often a business, through thedeployment and manipulation of resources (human, financial, material, intellectual or intangible).
This definition is interesting because it traces the root meaning back to the Latin phrase meaning “to lead by the hand”. Leading by the hand implies giving direction that is stronger than just a passing suggestion. Leading by the hand also implies that the person doing the leading is first goingwhere the follower is being lead. The leader is not asking the follower to do something he is not willing to do himself.
This is just one definition of management, if we search more we can find that management is the activity of getting things done with the aid of people and other resources. This definition focus on management as the process of accomplishing work through the efforts of others.Skilled managers can accomplish much more through others than they can through their own single efforts.
We can also find that management is the process of getting activities completed efficiently with and through other people; and the process of setting and achieving goals through the execution of five basic management functions: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling;that utilize human, financial, and material resources.
The first definition looks at the fact that management is getting work done through other people. The second definition divides management up into five components. These components are all parts of the three components (plan, execute, measure). However the more detailed definition helps show the activities that occur in each of the three phasedefinition.
What are the qualities of a manager?
From the first definitions, we can propose some crucial qualities that a manager should have. But in pratics, manager can’t have all of them as it is the ideal. So lets have a look at them to improve our potential by reevaluating us according to those characteristics.
He has confidence in himself and his abilities. He is happy with whohe is, but he is still learning and getting better.
He is something of an extrovert. He doesn’t have to be the life of the party, but he can’t be a wallflower. Management is a people skill - it’s not the job for someone who doesn’t enjoy people.
He is honest and straight forward. His success depends heavily on the trust of others.
Hi is an includer not an excluder.He brings others into what he does. He doesn’t exclude other because they lack certain attributes.
He has a ‘presence’. Managers must lead. Effective leaders have a quality about them that makes people notice when they enter a room. *
After this brief look on the basic personnel and social qualities that a manager should have which aren’t enough to lead at work, as a...
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