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Françoise Sagan

1. Who causes Hester to experience fear when she notices that person in the audience watching her as she is on the scaffold with Pearl for her public shaming?

a. Mistress Hibbins

b. Roger Chillingworth

c. Governor Bellingham

d. Arthur Dimmesdale

2. Why did Hester’s husband fail to join her in the colony?

a. He died

b. He abandoned her

c. He found out about her adultery

d. He was shipwrecked held captive by Native Americans

3. Why does Hester decline Mistress Hibbin’s invitation to join her in the forest?

a. She knows Governor Bellingham is watching

b. She fears the Devil

c. She has been allowed to keep Pearl

d. She does not want to disappoint Dimmesdale

4. When Reverend Wilson quizzes Pearl on her catechism, who does she say she believes created her?

a. Her mother

b. An unknown father

c. God

d. She grew on the rosebush

5. What is not one of the three temptations Dimmesdale experiences after returning from his meeting in the forest with Pearl?

a. Cursing

b. Casting a wicked look at a virgin

c. Asking the Devil for help

d. Arguing against the soul’s immortality

6. A scarlet letter “A” is said to appear in all of the following locations except:

a. On Hester’s chest

b. On Chillingworth’s chest

c. In the sky

d. On Dimmesdale’s chest

7. What was Roger Chillingworth’s occupation before coming to Boston?

a. Doctor

b. Witch

c. Lawyer

d. Scholar

8. What plant is situated outside of the prison?

a. Rosebush

b. Rosemary

c. Hemlock

d. Poison ivy

9. How does Dimmesdale punish himself for his affair with Hester?

a. He reveals his sin to the community

b. He whips himself

c. He leaves Boston

d. He marries a woman he does not love

10. To whom is Mistress Hibbins related?

a. Hester Prynne

b. Arthur Dimmesdale

c. Roger Chillingworth

d. Governor Bellingham

11. Which of these characters is not associated with the Black Man?

a. Reverend Wilson

b. Arthur Dimmesdale

c. Mistress Hibbins

d. Roger Chillingworth

12. Why does Pearl have a tantrum when Hester calls her over to meet her father while they are in the forest?

a. She thinks the Black Man is her father

b. The forest frightens her

c. Hester removed her scarlet “A” and her cap

d. She dislikes Dimmesdale

13. Who describes the scarlet “A” Hester wore as burning?

a. Hester

b. Dimmesdale

c. Chillingworth

d. The narrator

14. What does Chillingworth do that reveals that, in addition to his need for revenge, he still has some type of positive emotion?

a. He leaves his wealth to Pearl

b. He asks Hester to live with him as his wife after Dimmesdale’s death

c. He asks Dimmesdale for forgiveness when Dimmesdale is dying

d. He tells the community that he shares responsibility for Hester’s infidelity

15. Where is Hester’s cottage?

a. In town

b. In the forest

c. Next to the prison

d. On the edge of the forest and the town

16. What detail on the scarlet letter draws more attention to it?

a. Hester’s name

b. Gold embroidery

c. Seed pearl embroidery

d. Pornographic images

17. How do Hester and Dimmesdale decide they will escape Dimmesdale’s torment in


a. They will seek to marry because Hester’s husband has been presumed dead

b. They will live in the woods

c. They will go to another colony

d. They will go to Europe

18. What occupation does Hester take to support herself and Pearl?

a. Seamstress

b. Nurse

c. Witch

d. Servant

19. Where did the narrator say he found the manuscript that served as the basis for the novel?

a. The governor’s mansion

b. A cottage by the woods

c. A custom house

d. The forest

20. How does Dimmesdale secretly acknowledge Pearl when Governor Bellingham and Reverend Wilson are attempting to remove her from Hester’s care?

a. He kisses her head

b. He gives her a hug

c. He tells them he knows her father

d. He offers to foster her

Quiz Answers: 1. b; 2. d; 3. c; 4. d; 5. c; 6. b; 7. d; 8. a; 9. b; 10. d; 11. a; 12. c; 13. d; 14. a; 15. d; 16. b; 17. d; 18. a; 19. c; 20. a

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