Golden rule book

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The essential skills
being: Sympathetic
Open minded
have: Good appearance and attitude.
Regular tone of voice (most of all on the phone).The smile when you are talking on the phone because the customers will hear the difference.
Knowledge – Know-how – Know-being
Knowledge: you should know … The habits and customs ofthe various cultures.
The techniques of presentation.
The techniques of sale.
The management of the dissatisfaction of the customer.
The new products which are on themarket.
The price rates of the competitors.
The pricing for products.
The internal directives in effect.
The laws and the regulations.
How to deliver acustomer service.
Customer’s name, address and phone number in case of complaint.
The date, time and the name of the employee receiving the complaint.
That you have to alwaysthank the customer for doing business.
*Know-how:* you should …
Recognize the key persons.
Help the customer to formulate his needs exactly.
Reveal the needs of thecustomer in terms of products and services.
Reveal the points of no satisfaction of the customer.
Strengthen the satisfaction of the customer.
Give confidence to the customerin the taken choices.
Know the language of the customer.
Show an interest in the customer.
Communication: You should be capable of having an attitudeallowing to establish and to maintain a relation of understanding and confidence with others. You should have the sense of the listening and the dialogue and be capable of understanding...
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