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=> In no more than 500 words explain the steps to plan a marketing research about a topic you like; cellular phone, beer, olive oil, BMW brand image. Don´t hesitate to ask some guidance if necessary.

A marketing research can be a key tool for a manager when he has to make important decisions. Indeed, it will influence him in his way of seeing the market environment. Only useful information on the market he is interested in are required. Too much information could be a waste of time and could disturb the decision-maker. So what he needs is pertinent and up-to-date information. When we want to make a marketing research or marketing survey, we need first to identify precisely what we are looking for. It will then guide us during all the researching process. The more precise it is, the more relevant our results will be. Second, we need to define the steps we will take.

Here we are a Spanish company that sells organic cosmetics and we want to know if there are some opportunities in Spain to sell our products.

First we need to know how is the demand in this country for this kind of products because if there is no demand there is no sell. People are our target (our final users, consumers) so they should be attracted to organic products to create an opportunity for our company. We already know that today organic products that preserve the planet are highly appreciated, but what do Spanish people think about it? On the Internet we can search for questionnaires made over the Spanish population, maybe we can find also advices from experts but this would cost money (it depends if you have a budget for your research or not. Many organisms sell their market studies about one particular market or sector). We can search for the competitive companies in order to know their turnover percentage for organic cosmetics. Look at their website for example. Competitors are indeed a huge source of information. You can ask information to the Chamber of Commerce and

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