Strategic brand management

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Strategic Brand Management

Nowadays, marketing trends are changing every day as the new technology becomes more and more important and present in our lives. Companies have to be smart and make the right choices to allocate their marketing budget in different ways they used to do it until now. Obviously, companies are using different strategies from each other even if they are targeting thesame market: automobile, soft drinks, clothes… the main objectives remain the same: Having the biggest impact to increase the sales and make profits. To illustrate the significance of these current trends, we have chosen two brands, Evian and Vitamin Water, which are both selling water in France and abroad. These two different cases are forcing companies to innovate, invest more and find new ways ofcommunication not only to modernize the brand image and the brand company but also to take more into account consumers. Indeed, consumers are playing an increasingly important role: they are better educated, they have a real power of decision and no longer hesitate to express their opinion and challenge companies and brands. The reasons for this choice are that they are great competitors and theyuse a very different way to market their product, quite the opposite. Indeed, it is really interesting to see how these two brands succeed in selling their product by using different way of communication. But first of all, let’s introduce these brands.
In few words, Evian is run by Danone since 1970 and Vitaminwater is run Coca Cola since 2006. Evian is French, and it is marketed in France andabroad and Vitaminwater is from the United States and tries to enter in the French market. They are both on the same market as these are two brands of water and they took opposite direction to make the consumer buy their product. Indeed, Evian is using very traditional trends to impact their consumers whereas Vitaminwater based most of its campaign on new trends such as social media, specialevents...
First of all, we will deal with the former brand Evian to see why it becomes successful and how it manages to keep its competitiveness in relation to the other brands such as Vitamin Water. And right after that we will focus on Vitamin Water and its marketing strategy.

Evian is a French brand of mineral water coming from several sources near Évian-les-Bains, on the south shore ofLake Geneva. Today, this brand is owned by Danone Group, a French multinational company, since 1970. Nevertheless, this water exists since 1789 and was well known as “miraculous water” and it was prescribed as a healthy remedy. Evian is exploited by SAEME (Société anonyme des eaux minérales d'Evian), subsidiary of Danone.
Danone is the world’s second largest producer of water with a global marketshare of 8,5% (18 billions litres of packaged water marketed in 2009). Evian is one of the five worldwide brands of bottled water. The Waters division’s sales represented €2.6 billion in 2009, 49% of this total achieved in Europe, 27% in Asia and 24% in the rest of the world.
Contrary to Vitaminiwater, Evian is an old and well implemented brand in France but also abroad. This is brand that peopletrust in and it is a good example of brand loyalty.
How this brand has reached this level of consumer confidence and how is it become a leader of bottled water in Europe but also in the rest of the world? Which tactics and persuasive ways of communication have Danone chosen for Evian, especially since the 1990’s?
Primarily, let’s focus on the biggest difference between Evian and Vitaminwater. Asit is already well implemented in France, Danone has always used traditional tools to communicate about the brand Evian. In addition to that, the targets are mothers and their babies but also older people who care about their health. This target is not used to using youtube or social network for example. Moreover, Evian wants to reach and to expand its market share. Thus, ads on TV are a very...
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