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Paul Scarron

  1.  After reading A Tale of Two Cities, do you feel that Dickens supported or opposed the French Revolution?
  2. What role does self-sacrifice play in the novel?  What about sacrifice imposed by others?
  3. Mobs and crowds play a significant role in the novel.  Does Dickens ever portray them as doing something positive, or is his portrayal of “mob mentality” always negative?
  4. Is it important that Monsieur Defarge owns a wine shop?
  5. Many people suggest that Monsieur Defarge obeys his wife because he fears her; what evidence that Monsieur Defarge fears his wife is found in the novel?
  6. What are the significant differences between Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay?
  7. Although not a family member, Mr. Lorry plays a significant role in both the Manette and Darnay families.  Explain Mr. Lorry’s relationship with those characters.
  8. How does Jerry Cruncher’s grave robbing fit into the resurrection theme of the novel? 
  9. How does the final confrontation between Miss Pross and Madame Defarge highlight the differences between the two women? 
  10. There are several revelations about secret identities in the novel.  Which one did you find the most surprising, and why?
  11. Why were people beheaded, even when they had already been executed?
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