Marketing plan seb

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Marketing Plan



I) Introduction A) BoNodor p.4 B) Group Seb p.4 1) Activity p.5 2) History p.7 3) Values p.7

II) Swot Analysis A) Internal analysis p.8 1) Ressources and capabilities p.8 2) Previous performance p.9 B) External analysis p.9 1) Political factors p.9 2) Economic factors p.10 3) Socio-cultural factors p.10 4) Technological factors p.10 5) Ecological factors p.10 6) Competitive factors (Porter’s Industry 5 forces) p.11 7) Sebs’ stock p.12

III) Swot summary p.14-16

IV) BCG matrix p.17

V) Objectives within 3 years A) Financial objectives p.18 1) External results p.18 2) Internal requirements p.18 B) Marketing objectives p.19 1) External objectives p.19 2) Internal objectives p.19 C) Societal objectives p.19 1) Ecological p.19 2) Social p.20

I) Introduction

A) BoNOdor

We have chosen to develop a concept of lid. Which name is BoNOdor. Its main function is to capt disturbing cooking smells thanks to a filter. But another position allows nice smells passing through. Indeed, the lid has on its handle a button tha can be pressed or released. BoNOdor would replace a more expensive hood that on top of that, would be less esthetic.

BoNOdor has a very conventional appearance but it is flat in order to be adaptable to every kind o frying pans or of saucepans. Its handle has been concieved to be easyly and securely hold while cooking. The filter integrated to the lid is clickable and can be replaced once used.

The name chosen for the lid contains the whole concept since one hears « bonne odeur » that the product lets passing through and one reads « no odor » that stands for the disturbing smells being captured by the the double

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