Les Voyages de Gulliver


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Jonathan Swift

Although Cruncher’s night job has been helpful for Darnay, Mr. Lorry is infuriated by it and fires him.  Cruncher accepts this without significant protest, but does ask Mr. Lorry to have young Jerry be his replacement.  He also says that he will become a gravedigger to make up for the grave robbing.  Carton and Pross/Barsad come out of the room they went into for their private conversation.  After Pross/Barsad and Cruncher leave, Mr. Lorry and Carton discuss Darnay’s prospects.  Carton says that Pross/Barsad can get him access to Darnay in his cell, but can do no more.  Both men seem to realize that Darnay will be executed.  The end of the chapter shows a contemplative Carton walking through the night streets.  He makes a visit to a chemist’s shop and purchases something, which the reader realizes must be important to the events yet to unfold. 

Darnay’s trial is the next day, and it is as damning as all have feared.  In addition the Defarges, Dr. Manette is named as one of Darnay’s accusers.  Dr. Manette begins to protest, but the court has proof that Dr. Manette has denounced Darnay.  The paper that Monsieur Defarge retrieved from the Bastille comes into play.  That paper was written by Dr. Manette and contains his denouncement of Darnay.  Of course, the reader is aware that Dr. Manette and Darnay were not acquainted when Dr. Manette was imprisoned.  Therefore, the denouncement cannot be directed at Darnay. 

Throughout the novel, the circumstances of Dr. Manette’s imprisonment have remained a secret.  In all honesty, this long-term secrecy stretches credulity.  The novel features several episodes of time elapsing, and overall spans a lengthy period of time.  That Dr. Manette would not reveal information about his imprisonment, and that those around him would not press for information about it, seem highly unlikely. Moreover, Dr. Manette is considered a hero by the Revolutionaries.  It just does not seem plausible that he would be a hero to them merely because he had been imprisoned.

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