La Farce de Maître Pathelin


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Walton takes over the narrative here and continues the story. He is still writing letters to his sister in England. In those letters he tells her that he believes what Victor is saying. He is sad that he did not know Victor in healthier, younger, better days. Victor is on the brink of death. During one morning the crew members come into the cabin and beg Walton to return them to England if they can get out of the ice. They have been trapped there for days. Victor decides to speak up, and he convinces the men that there is so much honor and glory to their quest. They should see that as enough of a motivating factor for them to continue attempting to meet their goal. They are moved by Victor's speech for the moment, but it is only two days later that they again ask Walton about returning to England. Walton finally consents to the plan, if they can get out of the ice.

The ship eventually breaks free from the ice and is about to head back to England. Just before that can happen, Victor dies. A few days afterward, the ship has still not left the area. Walton has Victor's body still lying in a room, and he hears strange noises coming from the area. When he goes to investigate the source of the sound he finds the monster crying over Victor's dead body. He is truly as hideous as what Victor has described, but he is also clearly sensitive and intelligent. The monster still has compassion for his creator, despite the fact that the creator shunned him so severely and made his life so painful. He tells Walton about all of his suffering, and how much he regrets doing the evil things that he did during his lifetime. He did not want to be like that, and only wanted compassion and understanding. Since he was not able to gain that in his lifetime he lashed out at people who were close to his creator. It was his hope that Victor would help him. Now that Victor is dead, the monster is ready to die. He leaves Walton's ship and disappears into the dark night.

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