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If everything is analysed etc, scientific approach direct consequence: change. Americans are very open to change, innovation = change. When you study something you are more open to change theenvironment, maybe better regulation. What is the consequence of this idea of change? You often see them in companies, constant changes (boss, CEO, lawyers, the restructuring) and consequently people havetendency to change their jobs a lot (company hopping) people leave or fire, or made redundant. Fire or laid off: you no longer have a job, the difference is that when you’re fired you have donesomething personally wrong, when you’re laid off it’s probably just of economic reasons. In the US you can loose you’re job very quickly, whereas in France it takes extremely long time. People don’t stay aslong as in Europe. However this trend is starting to appear in Europe as well. Despite the differences of doing business, there are some common characteristics (see polycopié).
CEO is extremelyinfluential and always has the last words.
Some have impressive titles, no connection between the title and the responsibility (can be confusing). Who’s got the power? Don’t look at the title. Youstart to see a little bit of this in France, the way of doing business.
RED TAPE: a lot quicker, France have a very structured administrative process whereas in America things are done much quicker(it’s easier to start a company, to change etc. America like change, because it means flexibility).
Meetings in US are more direct, you feel it’s almost confrontational. Europe is more diplomatic, littlebit vague. Issues are debated immediately. Often when people see American meetings, they think it’s hostile, antagonistic, but it’s reality, they what things to go quickly, they don’t want to wait.IT often use with formal presentation, direct, as almost if someone is trying to impress someone. Decisions are made very quickly, which explains why US dominates in the world of business....