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Mary Shelley

Language is very important in Frankenstein. Journals, notes, letters, books, and inscriptions of all kinds are all seen throughout the novel. Sometimes one is inside the other. Sometimes they are quoted or merely alluded to. Walton's letters cover the entire tale, and Victor's story fits inside of them. The monster's story is inside Victor's story, and Paradise Lost as well as the story of Felix and Safie fit inside the monster's story. This is a very important aspect when it comes to narrative structure. Additionally, language is highly significant when it comes to the development of the monster. He watches and hears the peasants in order to teach himself to read and speak. When he does that he is able to understand who created him and how he came to be, because he reads Victor's journal. Later he leaves notes for Victor when his creator is chasing and trying to destroy him. He writes words on rocks and trees, and all of nature becomes his last letter to his creator.

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