Le château de ma mère


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Marcel Pagnol

Pap—Huck’s father is the polar opposite of Jim. If Jim is father, mother, and brother to Huck, Pap is none of them. Huck has a kind of filial devotion to Pap, only because they are blood related and share a taste for the outdoors. But Pap is not so much interested in Huck as he is in Huck’s money. Thus, Huck does not have any great affection for a Pap, who has no affection but for himself.

Pap is the man who catapults Huck in a new direction—away from the simple and conventional small town life. For this, Huck is somewhat thankful to Pap—but Huck understands that getting away from Pap is just as important (if not more important) than getting away from school, Miss Watson, and the conventional life.

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